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Mary Mendlein _____Mary Mendlein studied under masters Sandra Johnstone, Gerald Wansoo Hong, Bill Geisinger and Bill Brown. She graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1981 with an Arts & Science degree from DeAnza College in Cupertino.
_____"Meeting the Spinettas was all Carol Trapier's doing. She and I used to gab about her metal work, my pottery, and I ended up purchasing a beautiful silver piece from her. One day, she asked to see my work and said she had to show it to Charlie. Carol seemed like such a wonderful person that I thought I would follow her lead to see what she had in store for me. I knew her artwork was wonderful and that I would be in good company if this too was to be an outlet for her work.

_____"I had no idea the gallery was going to be so elaborate and to feature such a selection of nationally known artists. Carol met me at the gallery with pottery in hand and I have been a featured artist ever since the day it opened to the public. It has been a grand adventure ever since. That is the simple truth!"
Smoked Design: SOLD
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_____"Each vessel is thrown on a potters wheel and many are carved. I usually achieve depth to my work by carving or having designs which visually give the vessel another dimension. My love for oriental designs has influenced my use of raku pottery. Raku means: enjoyment or pleasure which is reflected in each piece giving the vessel its own individual characteristic quality. The crackle, low-fire glaze ranges from brilliant to softer colors, depending on the length of the burn and the use of carbon. My raku vessels are mainly copper and aqua with an unusual black pattern. Part of the vessel is left unglazed, and during the reduction firing, the unglazed areas are carbonized by the fire, turning what was originally white clay to black."
_____Each shaker has nine balls of clay inside. NINE represents the fullness of heaven and earth. It is the luckiest of numbers and is associated with south, the most auspicious direction in feng shui. South is associated with heat, fire, and the color red, [the color of celebration and happiness]. Each shaker is glazed with red copper, wishing upon you fame, fortune, and festivity in your daily life.
Shaker: SOLD
Burnished Vase
_____"The inspiration for my burnished vessels has stemmed from seeing the works of the San Ildefonso and Santa Clara Indians of the southwest. The surface is polished by hand with a stone three separate times, twice before the vessel is dry and a final time when completely dry. This is done to achieve a polished surface which appears to be glazed, but is the direct result of the clay being compressed by the stone. The vessel is then low-fired for extra strength. To achieve the black forms, the vessels are smoked, which produces a reduction atmosphere, resulting in the carbon being saturated into the clay body.
_____"Some are then inlaid with beadwork on leather. To achieve the marbled forms, the vessels are lightly sawdust-fired to create a random pattern. Many are then completed with pine-needle basketry woven into the vessel." Burnished: SOLD
These are from 2007 - some incorporate glass, pine needles or metal.
Shaker Burnished Vase Vase Shaker
Glass Arch: $x.* Grape Motif: $x.* SOLD Lid w/ Glass: SOLD Woven w/ Glass: SOLD
Vase Vase Vase Vase
Primitive: $x.* Primitive: $x.* Vessel: SOLD Large Vase: SOLD
_____Each ceramic piece is unique. Raku doesn't allow for exact replication of color or texture. Mary lives close by in the Sierra foothills, and frequently brings in new pieces. Here are some more:

Burnished w/ Leather & Beadwork: 8" x 5" SOLD
Lidded Urn - Aqua Copper Raku: 11" x 6" SOLD
Bowl - Copper Raku: 5.5" x 6" $95.00*
Burnished & Sawdust Fired w/ Pine-Needle Basketry: 5" x 5.5" SOLD (Very nice!)
Large Purple Vase - Raku: 17" x 9" SOLD
Smoked, "Cracked" Design Vases: Left: Hummingbird Design Lid, 11" x 7" SOLD;
Right: 5" x 4.5" SOLD. Both wheel thrown and carved. (Ghost-like textures.)

Alternating White/Copper Band Vases: Left: 6.5" x 7" $110.00*; Right: 5" x 6" $85.00*
Large Vase With White Band: 11.5" x 8" SOLD
Seven Different Musical Shakers: 4.5" x 4" SOLD

* Prices and availability subject to change. Mary's pieces are fragile and we do not ship them -- now you have a reason to visit the foothills to enjoy wine and art!
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