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We are lucky to have four older original gouache paintings by Raul Gutierrez. The gouache technique is achieved by mixing opaque watercolors with a preparation of gum. White pigment is added to lighten the tone and lend opacity.

The three smaller pieces we can easily ship through our courier, but the larger is a specimen piece in a handmade frame, and we would rather work out details of pickup or delivery with you personally.
Original Gouache: Longhorns
30" x 40" (image), 42" x 52" (frame), pre-1978, $*
Born in 1935 in Laredo, Raul Gutierrez moved with his family to San Antonio when he was a teenager. He earned an art scholarship and attended the Warren Hunter School of Commercial and Fine Arts while in high school.

He was a soldier in Korea, an illustrator at the Pentagon, a political cartoonist and illustrator at the San Antonio Light for fifteen years, a poet and songwriter in his native Spanish language, and an artist the whole while. It is rare to view a piece by Gutierrez as large as this longhorn study.
Mallards _____Confident in his painting, he focused his abilities in that talent. Authenticity and originality are of equal importance to the artist: the technique and presentation are uniquely his and immediately recognized.  Visitors to the gallery walk in and notice his works.
Original Gouache: Mallards
8 1/2" x 14" (image),
16" x 24" (frame),
pre-1978, $*
Raul Gutierrez' colors are mute and soft - typical of the many shades of hues in his desert scenes and dusty blue skies in his landscapes. Waterfowl, cattle, cowboys, southwest Indians, are the subjects of the artist's paintings, and all are presented in their naturally rugged and rocky environment.
These images were very hard to photograph because of the special glass the artist used. We have recently changed the original framing on the three smaller pieces. (New framing not shown online yet - we'll get right to it, but for now, please call.) We determined we could better preserve the art, and in doing so, the glass we used far-and-away enhanced the presentation. Cowboy
Original Gouache: Cowboy
8 1/2" x 11" (image), 16" x 19" (frame), pre-1978, $*
Gutierrez was named Texas Artist of the Year by the Texas Legislature for 1983-1984. Collectors include the late President Lyndon B. Johnson; former Texas Governor Connally; former President of Mexico, Miguel Aleman; and country western singer, George Strait. Cowboys
Original Gouache: Cowboys
8 1/2" x 11" (image), 16" x 19" (frame), pre-1978, $*
PUBLICATIONS: Southwest’s The Artists of the Texas; Public School Book Anthology Texas; People Magazine October 1998 issue; Houston Chronicle Texas Magazine 1970 and 1984; San Antonio Light; San Antonio Homes & Gardens; Red Rock News-Sedona, AZ; Memos-Houston Doctor’s Magazine; San Antonio Express; Irving Daily News; The State of Art; San Antonio Monthly; Images-SA Express-News; Texas Outdoors Journal; and Texas Anthology: Adventures in Time and Place.
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* Prices and availability subject to change. Call for more information.
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