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Sherrie Russell Meline _____First and foremost, we extend our congratulations to Sherrie Russell Meline for painting the 2006 - 2007 Federal Duck Stamp. Click here to read about this feat.
_____Sherrie Russell Meline's talent has been apparent and acknowledged since she attended high school in Tokyo, Japan. In 1972, she graduated with honors in fine art from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her professional career began in San Jose, California in 1974 when she applied her unique painting style to laminated wood sculpture. Although a decoy collector since her college days, Sherrie's interest in waterfowl was not expressed in her work until after she moved to Mount Shasta, California in 1980. Northern California provides an abundant resource of material for Sherrie's paintings. Last Chance
The Canadas of Last Chance Landing 650 S/N 13.5" x 25" $*
She feels that observing and photographing waterfowl in both their native and captive environments are essential for establishing proper bird attitudes. The additional use of mounts and study skins provide the source for the fine feather detail evident in Sherrie's work. Sherrie has served on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Flyway Decoy Association since 1986. In 1990, Ducks Unlimited appointed her as Honorary National Trustee. She is a sponsor member of DU and a life member of California Waterfowl Association.
European Widgeon Original Paintings by Sherrie in our gallery:
Backwater Cans: 21 1/2" x 25" 1986 SOLD
Wood Ducks: 25 1/2" x 21 1/2" 1984 SOLD
Bluebills: 22 1/2" x 18 1/2" (framed"), 1984 CALL*

See how some of Sherrie's pieces are framed.
Solitaire (European Widgeon) 350 S/N 16.5" x 6.25" $*
Sherrie and Joe Garcia painted our Winery Label Series. Sherrie mentored wood sculpture artist, Jerry Polan.

Sherrie's won the Nevada Duck Stamp Art competition twice. Sherrie has painted more than 30 duck stamps.
1999 Nevada Stamp
1999 Nevada Duck Stamp Print (w/ stamp) 300 S/N 10" x 14" $*
The paintings are an acrylic wash delicately applied layer by layer from a self-mixed palette with the colors red, yellow, blue, black and white. Sherrie uses the vignette style to capture the markings and characteristics of a species and the personality of each bird.
Sherrie's watercolor painting of a mountain quail appears on the 2005-2006 California Upland Game Bird Stamp. The print measures 9" x 6.5" unframed.

See a larger version

Call us today to order your framed print.*
Siskron Farm
Quiet by the Pond at the Siskron Farm (Canadas) 500 S/N 7.75" x 8.25" $*
MORE PAINTINGS - Click Titles to View
"Magical Approach" (Wood Duck): 14" x 20", 250 S/N $*
"Cameron Parish Mottled Duck": 9" x 7 1/4", 500 S/N $*
"Mill Creek Pheasant": 17 3/8" x 11 1/4", 500 S/N $*
"Early Morning Layover" (Dove): 15" x 7", 650 S/N $*

* Prices and availability subject to change. Prices reflect shrink-wrapped pieces, please call for framed prices and sizes. Please call for more information on purchasing and shipping.
1985 Ducks Unlimited National Sponsor Print, 1986 CA Duck Stamp – competition, 1987 NV Duck Stamp – competition, 1987 Ducks Unlimited Bronze Palette and Chisel Award, 1988 AZ Duck Stamp – competition, 1989 CA Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year, 1989 Ducks Unlimited Silver Palette and Chisel Award, 1990 TX Non-Game Stamp – commission, 1992 AZ Duck Stamp – commission, 1992 CA Duck Stamp – competition, 1992 Ducks Unlimited Gold Palette & Chisel Award, 1993 AZ Duck Stamp – commission, 1993 CA Waterfowl Association – Life Sponsor Artist, 1993 ID Duck Stamp Print – commission, 1993 ID Upland Game Stamp Print – commission, 1995 CA Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year, 1995 AZ Duck Stamp – commission, 1997 AZ Duck Stamp – commission, 1997-98 Ducks Unlimited National Flyway Artist – competition, 1997-98 ID Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year – competition, 1997-98 CA Waterfowl Association Artist of the Year, 1997-98 CA Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist – commission, 1998-99 IA Duck Stamp - competition, 1998-99 IA Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist - competition, 1998-99 Ducks Unlimited National Art Package Artist - competition, 1998-99 ID Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist - competition, 1998 California Waterfowl Association - Artist of the Year, 1998 AZ Duck Stamp - commission, 1999-2000 ID Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year - competition, 1999 AZ Duck Stamp - commission, 1999 NV Duck Stamp - competition, 1999 AK Duck Stamp - commission, 1999-2000 CA Ducks Unlimited Companion Artist with Scott Russell -competition, 1984-2016 IA Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist - competition, 1984-2016 IA Duck Stamp - competition, 1984-2016 TX Duck Stamp - commission, 2000 AZ Duck Stamp - commission, 1984-2016 CA Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year - competition, 2001 AZ Duck Stamp - commission, 1984-2016 CA Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year - competition, 2001 AZ Duck Stamp - commission, 2001 WA, NV Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist -commission, 2002 AZ Duck Stamp - commission, 2002 TX Non-Game Stamp - commission, 2003 AZ Duck Stamp - commission, 2003 TX Duck Stamp - commission, 2003 TX Quail Stamp - commission, 2003 Canada Newfoundland Province Duck Stamp - commission, 2004 AZ Duck Stamp - commission, 2004 CA Waterfowl Association - First Hunting Heritage Stamp - commission, 2005 Canada Prince Edward Island Province Duck Stamp -commission, 2005 Canada Ontario Province Duck Stamp - commission, 2005 CA Upland Game Stamp - commission, 2006 IA Duck Stamp - competition, 2006 Federal Duck Stamp - competition
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