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Susan LabouriFirst Spring (Bear)Living on the Edge (Cougar)Close Up (Grizzly Bear)Serious Business of Play (Wolves) _____Susan Labouri was born to her passion for animals and painting. Raised at Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains of SoCal, she found it natural to pick up a pencil and draw wildlife.
_____On an extended vacation to New Zealand and Australia in her early twenties, Susan met her husband and they lived in New Caledonia for two years. They purchased a sailboat in France and set out for the voyage of a lifetime: the Mediterranean to the Atlantic to the South Pacific, visiting every country in between. After five years of sailing and seeing all kinds of wildlife, she returned to New Caledonia and started working seriously on her art. She is residing again in Southern California after eighteen years abroad.
"Close Up" (Grizzly Bear): 12" x 17", 250 S/N Giclee $* (This is beautiful!) Large Image.
_____Susan studied with some of the best known wildlife artists in the U.S., including Carl Brenders, Richard Sloan, Rod Frederick, Terry Issack and Robert Bateman. She works in color pencils, pastels, gouache and acrylic, and is an Artist Member of the Wildlife Art Association. All the prints are published from acrylic paintings on 100% Acid Free Paper.
"Serious Business of Play" (Grey Wolves): 11" x 20", 320 S/N $*
First Spring, the companion print to Close Up, tenderly depicts a bear cub exploring a patch of bright yellow flowers. This print is 20" x 10" unframed.
"First Spring" (Bear): 20" x 10", 340 S/N Offset Lithograph $* Large Image
Recent Recognition:
2000 California Open Wildlife Festival – Del Mar, Ca. (Best in Category and Best in Show); 2001 California Open Wildlife Festival – Del Mar, Ca. (Artist of the Year); 2001 Finalist Winner in Artist Magazine Competition "A Trumpeter’s Dance"; 2001 Art on the Lake 2 – Big Bear Lake Art Show Featured Artist; 2002 San Bernardino Wildlife Art Festival – Named "Featured Artist" for 2004
"Living On The Edge" (Cougar): 14 1/2" x 24", 320 S/N Offset Lithograph $*
* Prices and availability subject to change. Prices reflect shrink-wrapped pieces, call for framed prices and sizes. Please call the gallery for purchasing and shipping information. These and more images are for sale in our gallery.
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