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See where your favorite wines begin at Spinetta Family Vineyards!
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Zinfandel vines run the length of our estate's West side. They produce 2 to four tons per acre. Underground springs nurture our vines and meander into the Cosumnes River. Zinetta comes from these.

Vineyard in Snow
Vine in Snow
Vine at Harvest
Grapes at Harvest
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Primitivo (named "early ripener" by Italian monks) is also in the Zin family. The grape is smaller, blacker, with plum flavors. We forecast many successful vintages.

Vineyard at Harvest
Ripe Grapes
Harvesting Grapes
Barbera is vigorous and takes longer to train. Crown thinning is key for good air flow and sunlight – and to discourage mildew and rot. The fruit has tough skin and good acidity.

Harvest Canopy
Harvesting Grapes
Chenin Blanc
"Fun & Yummy White" grapes bathe in sunlight on Southwest slopes. Our newsletter follows Chenin Blanc from bud break to harvest. The Heritage White and Frost Wine come from these, too!

Vine in Spring
Harvesting Grapes

Winegrape buyers: click here for grape sales. We have the responsibility as full time, on-site farmers to produce premium crops. Our agricultural and business degrees are backed up by genuinely dirty hands. Our sister site for brokers, principals, and fellow professional winemakers to buy our family's winegrapes.
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