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The next time you visit our tasting room, try our homemade red wine vinegar. At home, try some of Phil Bava's olive oil, and cook our family recipes. Pictured: Phil Bava

Bava Family Grove is an artisan small family farm business. The Bava family immigrated from northern Italy to Escalon, California in 1916. The 3rd and 4th California generations are now involved in our small farms. The home estate – where the grove is – was purchased in 1942. In 2004, 60 olive trees were planted and in October 2009, 300 more trees were put in the ground. We use twelve Italian, Spanish, and Greek varieties with a history of producing premium quality extra virgin olive oil.
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We strive for an aroma and taste similar to the oils of the Liguria region of Italy where our family farmed. Our oil has a subtle green olive aroma with a mild olive aroma, buttery flavor, and lightly peppery finish. This fresh user-friendly oil will enhance any meal whether used in salads or sautéeing. The Spinettas think it's excellent for dipping!
The awards achieved so far are a Bronze at the 2008 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Competition and a Gold in 2009. The oil received a Silver Medal at the 2009 Yolo County Fair and a Silver Award at the California Olive Oil Council 1st Annual Competition held in 2009.
The Bava Family grove receives NO chemical fertilizer or pesticides. Our olives are hand harvested, and each tree is weighed separately and pressed the same day of harvest. The oil is hand bottled, sealed, and labelled per order.
The quantity is very limited and it is our goal to sell out before the next harvest to always guarantee Spinetta's customers only fresh California Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If Spinetta is sold out, more will be available in January the following year.
Pitted black olives; Spinetta red wine vinegar; Bava Family Grove EVOO; Fresh minced garlic; Fresh Italian parsley; Very little salt and pepper. Eat your marinated olives with a toothpick! More recipes...
Charles Spinetta's great-great uncle planted the 3 acre Cuneo Olive Grove in the late 1800's. The olives from this grove and the 2 acre Bava Family grove were pressed on the same day in December 2009.
Bava Family Grove Olive Oil is certified Extra Virgin by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC). Pictured: Our cousin's grove in Jackson, The Cuneo Olive Grove
To guarantee consumer confidence in California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the California Olive Oil Council introduced its Seal of Quality program in 1998. Only 100% extra virgin olive oils without defects can display this seal. To earn the Seal, oil is submitted to an independent laboratory for chemical analysis and then evaluated by a Panel of Tasters. Each member of the tasting panel has undergone rigorous, highly specialized training.

Members reflect California’s talented culinary community: the panel includes some of the Golden State’s finest chefs, specialty farmers, food and wine writers, and experienced olive oil aficionados. To insure objectivity, all olive oils are laboratory tested and tasted blind. Panelists taste for both defects and overall quality. Only oils that are made from 100% California olives containing 0.5% or less free fatty acid and are determined to be free of defects are awarded the Seal of Quality. Visit the COOC online for more olive oil education, and to learn why it's important to buy locally to sustain our state's agricultural industry.
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